Antura Projects Mobile makes it possible to share documents, manage issues, and report time from your mobile.

Antura Projects Mobile

The services used by active, modern individuals must be immediately accessible. Antura Projects Mobile makes it more convenient than ever to manage and share information – anytime, anywhere.

Antura Projects Mobile lets you share documents, manage issues, and report time directly from your mobile, making it easier to update your projects and access the latest information.

Project members can push changes directly to their mobiles to track all updates without having to actively search for the information.

Antura Projects Mobile is available for iOS7 (iPhone) and later versions, and Android 4.0 and later versions.


  • Read, share, and comment on project documents

  • Upload images directly from your mobile to the project

  • View your project members

  • Convenient time reporting for projects, assignments, line activities, and absence

  • Contact project members by phone, text, or e-mail directly from the app

  • View and manage all issues (including attached files and comments)

  • Notifications of changes to documents, issues, or comments