Antura Projects Online Meetings makes it possible to start and schedule online meetings from Antura Projects.

Antura Projects Online Meetings

Antura Projects Online Meetings makes screen sharing easier than ever, giving you the capacity to hold online meetings, give presentations and provide remote support to customers, colleagues, employees, and other stakeholders.

Antura Projects Online Meetings reduces the need to travel and saves time and money.

Online meetings can be started in seconds. Simply invite your project team, and/or others who do not use Antura Projects to attend. Invited participants can easily join the meeting via any web browser. There is no need to download special software.

Antura Projects Online Meetings is available for Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Select the application to be displayed.

Switch presenters among various participants.


  • Screen sharing with up to 50 participants simultaneously

  • Schedule meetings

  • Switch presenters among various participants

  • Remote control of keyboard and mouse

  • Whiteboard functionality for interactive presentations

  • Send messages to all or selected participants via chat

  • Select the application to be displayed

  • Invite attendees who do not use Antura Projects

  • Supports IP Phone (VoIP) and teleconferencing