Antura and Tieto are launching the add-on product Antura Projects for PPS, where Antura Projects and the project model PPS are fully integrated.

Antura Projects for PPS

In most organizations, the project methodology and project tools live together in symbiosis. The project tool helps the project model to achieve greater distribution and acceptance in the organization. At the same time, it is important to have an efficient project methodology in order to gain the maximum potential from a project tool.

Antura and Tieto provide established products within these fields. Our joint clients, as well as the market in general, have requested a more integrated solution between project tools and project methodology. In order to meet these demands, Antura and Tieto have signed a strategic cooperation with the goal to provide a fully integrated solution between our products, Antura Projects and PPS.

"In our collaboration with Antura, we are convinced that we will be able to satisfy a real need in our joint clients. We will be able to offer a complete, integrated solution with the project model PPS and the project tool Antura Projects, that will help companies and organizations in their efforts to achieve more effective project operations."

Marie Lundström, Manager PPS, Tieto

Interactive project model with PPS graphics.

Easy to create new documents based on PPS document templates.


  • All PPS project models are managed directly in Antura Projects

  • Interactive project models with easy access to PPS document templates

  • PPS Online embedded in Antura Projects

  • Support for PPS skills in Antura Projects

  • Preconfigured template projects for different PPS project models in Antura Projects

  • Links from views and WBS elements in Antura Projects to related areas in PPS Online