Antura Projects for SharePoint is a seamless integration between Antura Projects and Microsoft SharePoint.

Antura Projects for SharePoint 

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most widespread platforms for collaboration, information sharing, document management and intranet. It is therefore natural that the market demand has been very high in recent years in terms of client desire to interconnect Antura Projects with Microsoft SharePoint.

The powerful functionality and the extensive possibilities found in Antura Projects in some cases overlap with the features found in Microsoft SharePoint. With Antura Projects for SharePoint, you can get the best out of both systems.

Antura Projects for SharePoint is very easy to configure and offers a wide range of great features for streamlining and facilitating your work.

Antura Projects for SharePoint supports SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 och SharePoint Online.


  • Permissions are synchronized between the systems

  • Documents and folders can be created, edited and deleted in both systems

  • Searchability in both systems

  • The possibility to configure links between document libraries in SharePoint and Antura Projects

  • Makes it possible for you to use the 'co-authoring' feature in Antura Projects, which allows multiple users to edit Oƒffice documents simultaneously

  • All documents and folders are stored and indexed by Microsoft SharePoint