A complete solution for Project, Portfolio and Resource Management.

Portfolio Management 

The project portfolio contains a list of all projects – planned, in progress and completed. Here, management, project office and other stakeholders can get a complete overview of the company’s projects and analyze and manage the development of the project portfolio.

Project list with traffic lights.

  • Group projects in portfolios, programs, organizational units, or any optional categorization

  • Sort, filter and search in the project portfolio

  • Project prioritizing

  • Connect projects to strategic goals

  • Support for main and subprojects

  • Portfolio level financial follow-up

  • Project properties

  • Simulation of resources, costs and benefits in various scenarios

  • Reporting, charts and dashboards

Resource allocation is displayed graphically with resource histograms.

Resource Management 

Resource management provides an overview of the organisation’s total resources, where resource availability and demand is displayed over time. The system supports resource planning and follow-up at role, individual and project level.

  • Resource planning of projects, assignments, maintenance, line work and absence

  • Allocation, availability, actual and forecast

  • Planning per resource, role or organisational unit

  • Resource requests

  • Competence management

  • Absence planning

  • Resource properties

  • Simulation of resource demand

  • Reporting, charts and dashboards

Project Planning 

The system offers numerous convenient functions in order to be able to easily organize and plan WBS elements, tasks and milestones over time.

Simple and interactive scheduling in Gantt Charts.

  • Scheduling with drag and drop directly in the Gantt Chart

  • Drag and drop Work Breakdown Structure

  • Internal and external dependencies

  • Critical Path

  • Multiple zoom options

  • Progress reporting

  • Possibility to save baselines

  • Task properties

  • Fully integrated with the organization’s project model

  • Template projects support

  • MS Project import and export

Compare budget, actuals and forecast.

Cost Management 

The system fully supports cost management, with estimates, budgeting, actuals and forecasting on projects, tasks and cost categories.

  • Management of all types of costs

  • Cost estimation

  • Budgeting

  • Cost actuals integrated with the organization’s ERP system

  • Forecasting and trends

  • Earned Value Management

  • Key Performance Indicators

  • Multi-currency support

  • Automatic aggregation to portfolio level

Benefit Management 

Benefit management is used to assess the beneficial effects that a project will generate to an organisation, e.g., as improved efficiency or cost savings. The system supports budgeting, follow-up and forecasting of benefits at both the project and portfolio levels.

Evaluate the benefits of your projects for better decision-making.

  • Budgeting

  • Effect actuals (e.g. revenues) integrated with the organization’s ERP system

  • Forecasting and trends

  • Calculation of profit/loss and margin

  • Automatic aggregation to portfolio level

Simple time reporting for all employees and consultants.

Time Reporting 

All employees and consultants can use the system to report time in an easy and flexible way. Time reporting can be used as a basis for project follow-up as well as for payroll and billing.

  • Time reporting on projects, assignments, maintenance, line work and absence

  • Detailed reporting on tasks

  • Reporting on various time codes with various rates

  • Progress and ETC reporting

  • Approvals

Document Management 

Document management is one of the system’s most popular and highly rated features. Here, you can organize and manage all project documents very efficiently.

Organize, edit and share your documents.

  • Uploading of folders and documents with drag and drop

  • Online editing of documents

  • Automatic versioning

  • Powerful permissions management for folders and documents

  • Support for document review, approval and signing

  • Possibility to comment and subscribe to documents

  • Document properties and search in multiple projects at the same time

  • Integrated with the organisation’s project model and document

Collaborate with discussion forum and online meetings.

Collaboration & Communication 

The system offers numerous intelligent and useful features to enable communication and collaboration with other people.

  • Discussion forum/Messaging

  • Instant messaging/Chat

  • Avatars and presence

  • Discussions related to documents, issues and tasks

  • Shared calendar

  • Document collaboration

  • News feed and bulletin boards

  • Mobile support (iPhone and Android)

  • Screen sharing and online meetings

Issue Management 

Issue management is used to manage all unplanned activities that always arise in a project, such as questions, change requests, error reports and reviews.

Gain control of all project issues.

  • Create, prioritize, assign and manage issues

  • Possibility to comment and subscribe

  • Issue properties and search in multiple projects at the same time

Identify and manage project risks.

Risk Management 

The system includes support for identifying, evaluating, managing and monitoring project risks according to established standards.

  • Risk assessment of probability and impact

  • The ability to define risk properties, such as risk categories

  • Management of risk measures

  • Adaptable risk analysis model (PMI, PRINCE2) with optional scales and evaluation models

Project Model Support 

The system has a practical and completely integrated support for the organisation’s project models (e.g., XLPM, PPS and PRINCE2) and governance models (e.g., PM3).

Project model displaying status on the project’s start page.

  • Graphic display of the project or governance model

  • Clickable phases and decision points/gates

  • Toll gate functionality

  • Document templates

Create your reports with great flexibility.

Reporting & Analysis 

The system offers numerous options for reporting and analysis, both for individual projects as well as for the complete project portfolio.

  • All views can be exported to Excel and PDF

  • Standard reports in the system

  • The possibility to create custom reports with the system’s report generator

  • Export of data to Excel pivot

  • Simulation of resources, costs and benefits in various scenarios

  • Customized reports to suit the organisation’s needs

Charts & Dashboards 

Using the chart and dashboard features, management, project office and other stakeholders can monitor graphical summaries of project operations.

Visualize information in a wide range of chart types and dashboards.

  • Chart types such as pie, bar, stacked bars, line, area and bubble

  • Gauge and thermometer

  • Easy to export as images or PDF

  • Create and save of an unlimited number of chart configurations or dashboards

  • Share dashboards with other users

Integrations & API 

The purpose of integrations is to help users avoid entering the same data/information in different systems and to enable users to present specific data in different ways for various target audiences. Antura Projects can be easily integrated into other system vendors’ products through Antura Projects Integration Framework (API).

  • Import/export cost and effect budget, actuals and forecast

  • Integrate Time Reporting, HR systems and Document Management

  • Integrations are available for e.g. SAP, Agresso, Raindance, Visma, IFS, Movex, MS Dynamics and JDE

  • Supports most standardized service protocols (SOAP and REST)

  • Supports file transfer (XML, CSV or column delimited files)