At Antura, we are committed and responsible in all that we do. Our core values ​​- quality, simplicity, generosity and credibility - permeate our organisation and corporate culture. These values guide us and are the basis for our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) focus areas.

Antura currently collaborates with about 50 local authorities (including county councils and municipalities), where Antura's products and services are used to maintain and further develop critical societal functions. Antura also work closely with several international organisations and authorities.

Antura annually donates to three charity organisations as chosen by Antura’s employees. Before donating money to any charity we always ensure organisational legitimacy in order to ensure that the donated funds are well-managed and will actually reach those in need. This year we have chosen to make donations to The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation, Hand In Hand and My Special Day.
The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation so they can continue to help families and contribute to paediatric cancer research with the aim of eradicating childhood cancer.
Hand in Hand due to their work to eradicate poverty through sustainable grassroots entrepreneurship. Through training and a supportive network, Hand in Hand helps people reach their full potential and become successful, small-scale entrepreneurs.
My Special Day makes a difference for children and adolescents with critical illnesses and diagnoses. A Special Day gives extra strength and happiness in a tough everyday life.