Fagerhult uses Antura Projects PPM Tool creating the lighting of the future

International lighting group Fagerhult uses the Antura Projects Project, Portfolio & Resource Management (PPM) Tool in developing the innovative lighting products of the future: “A common project tool provides a good overview of our product development projects and facilitates global cooperation,” says Håkan Elvingson, Project Management Manager at Fagerhult.

When the lighting group Fagerhult decided to implement Antura Projects in 2010, one major criterion was the ability to grow with the tool. Seven years on, growth within the group remains high, driven particularly by the ongoing technical change within lighting, where LEDs are seen as the most energy-efficient technology for the future. Great demand for innovative lighting systems calls for continuous product development, both to enhance existing products and to develop new ones. 

–Our product development is much affected by legislation and new technology. It is incredibly important for our products to meet the latest safety requirements and standards, says Håkan Elvingson.

Production has to take account factors such as environmental impact and electrical safety as well as the customer’s specific needs. Furthermore, it is very important for the lighting systems used to integrate well into the setting where they are to operate. For example:in hospitals the effect of lighting on the health of both patients and staff needs to be carefully considered, while fittings in sports halls need to be very robust; and utdoor lighting needs to satisfy the needs of road users in various types of vehicle as well as people using sidewalks and bike paths. Before any delivery, comprehensive light measurements and quality tests are undertaken to assure the quality and efficiency of the light fittings in a given setting. 

A common project tool for reliable international delivery

The business is run mostly from Sweden, with some production in China where the market is growing at record speed. Running all development projects related to the Fagerhult brand in the same system ensures that the projects proceed according to the project model established within the company. This also makes it easier to create and maintain common processes, regardless of role, function or geographical location. Knowledge transfer and exchange of experience are also more organized. All of this creates the right conditions for quality and reliable delivery.

–All project-related work within the Fagerhult brand is covered by Antura Projects, which is very valuable to us. A common project tool provides a good overview of our product development projects and facilitates global cooperation, says Håkan Elvingson.

In his role with strategic responsibility for project activities, Håkan Elvingson spends a lot of time on monitoring and analysis. He is particularly pleased with the document management within the project tool and the facility for reporting time and results. Integration with the finance system makes it easier to monitor budgets, outcomes and forecasts. Future integration of the group’s time-stamping system with time reporting in Antura Projects would make this task even more efficient. The possibility of extended functionality and the continuous dialog and exchange of experience with Antura’s consultants are greatly appreciated:

–It is always rewarding to come to the annual event ‘Antura Day’ and pick up ideas for our work going forward. Antura Projects is a really important system for us and I see great benefits in using it more widely in our business, says Håkan Elvingson.


Fagerhult is one of Europe’s leading lighting groups with approximately 2,000 employees and operations in 17 countries. Fagerhult creates modern products and exciting, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lighting systems that integrate perfectly into the environment in which they are used.

Fagerhult is one of Europe’s leading lighting companies, with 2,600 employees in 20 countries. Fagerhult creates modern products and exciting, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly lighting systems which integrate well into the setting where they are to operate. Fagerhult’s portfolio covers ten brands, all of which occupy strong positions in their domestic markets.

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