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Webinar February 2022 - Successful Risk Management in Antura Projects

Managing risks successfully is a key part of project portfolio management.

In this webinar, we look at risk management in our Antura Projects PPM Tool, including setting up risk matrices, managing risks within projects and then analysing them at the portfolio level. As always, we share best practices from our experiences of providing our PPM Tool for now over twenty years to users across the world.

Elements of risk management in Antura Projects covered:

  • Creation of risk matrices by the customer tracking probability of harmful outcome times impact of harmful outcome

  • Risk management & allocation throughout the life of a project, including setting responsibilities, categories and planning actions to mitigate or respond to such incidents

  • Tracking overall risk levels on the portfolio view, where users can filter their risk register and drill down into that information

  • Magnus Säfström - Senior Project Manager & Business Consultant
    Magnus Säfström - Senior Project Manager & Business Consultant Magnus has been with the Antura Group for nearly seven years and has successfully managed many customer implementation projects across Scandinavia and the UK & Ireland. Magnus joined the group after working as a project manager for an Antura Projects customer so has years of everyday practical experience of using our tool that he shares to help users get the very best out of their projects. He regularly works with customers to help them on risk management, from setting up risk matrices, analysing project risks and managing them at programme & portfolio levels.