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Webinar 24th February 2021 - Resource Management Dos & Don’ts in Antura Projects

At the core of any successful project portfolio is managing your resources appropriately to ensure that you hit your targets and meet your organisations strategic goals.

In this Antura webinar, we discuss dos and don’ts for successful resource management in the Antura Projects PPM Tool from allocation, through to capacity management and follow up as needed. We focus particularly on functionality in Antura Projects around visualisation and how to make those key decisions around matching your resources to your projects.

Elements covered include:

  • As a complete PPM Tool, Antura Projects’ resource management gives control from allocation to capacity planning and following up

  • Different users will use it differently:Project Managers plan schedules and request resources

  • Resource managers can manage requests, capacity and resource details

  • Project team members can use the system to check what they should be working on and to report time afterwards

  • Different resources can be assigned different attributes, such as organisational units, cost centres, hourly rates, roles, competences and other key elements to help improve resource allocation

  • Emma Fykén - Project Manager & Business Consultant
    Emma Fykén - Project Manager & Business Consultant Based in our Stockholm office, Emma works regularly with a wide variety of Antura customers in different industries helping them to get the most out of the Antura Projects PPM Tool. Before joining Antura she had considerable experience as a management consultant, including implementing resource management and planning for an Antura customer.