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Webinar April 2021 - Change request management success in Antura Projects

In projects, as in much of life, the only true constant is change. Managing often competing change requests is a key part of whether your projects will succeed or fail.

In this Antura Webinar, we cover change request management within the Antura Projects PPM Tool. In particular, we focus on workflow management and Kanban boards built into the tool to help you with managing those often competing demands and increasing your chance of project portfolio success.

Elements covered include:

  • Overview of change request management

  • Antura Projects includes full Kanban & Issue workflow capabilities

  • Different definitions of “issues” and how they work in Antura Projects

  • Rosita Berg - Project Manager & Business Consultant
    Rosita Berg - Project Manager & Business Consultant Based at our Gothenburg HQ, Rosita has been with the Antura Group since 2018 and works with a wide variety of customers to help them achieve their objectives with the Antura Projects PPM Tool. A graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington, Rosita brings her considerable experience of working as a project manager & business consultant in both the private and public sectors.