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Webinar December 2020 - Project Portfolio Management and Simulation in Antura Projects

In this webinar, we share best practices in project portfolio management based on nearly twenty years’ experience in delivering our PPM Tool Antura Projects. We will be particularly focusing on Antura Project’s portfolio Simulation functionality, which gives portfolio managers a sandbox to prepare for the future by planning out multiple possible scenarios in a highly visual way while getting the most out of their available resources and finances.

Elements covered include:

  • Overview of Project Portfolio Management in Antura Projects PPM Tool

  • Setting up the project portfolio simulation functionality within Antura Projects, including how to plan out multiple scenarios for projects with corresponding resources and costs & benefits

  • How such simulation is highly visible and adaptable to help you decide whether and when to run your projects and how they will effect other projects

  • Marina Maric - Business Consultant & Project Manager, Antura Group
    Marina Maric - Business Consultant & Project Manager, Antura Group Based in Antura’s Stockholm office, Marina Maric is a board member of the PMI Sweden chapter and holds a Master’s degree in International Project Management from Chalmers University of Technology. Marina regularly works with many Antura customers in Sweden & the UK to help them get the very best out of their project portfolios.