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Webinar May 2021 - Managing project portfolio strategies & prioritization in Antura Projects

Antura Webinar originally broadcast 26th May 2021

No project portfolio exists in a vacuum; how you manage your portfolio strategies and priorities will have a huge impact on the overall success of your organisation.

In this Antura Webinar, we will be covering portfolio strategies and project prioritisation within the Antura Projects PPM tool, including charts, funnels and other functionalities. We will focus on some best practices and strategies we have learned over hundreds of successful implementations of our system since Antura was founded in 2001.

Elements covered include:

  • Antura Projects allows for different strategies to be set across your project portfolios linking to your organisation’s goals

  • Such strategies can then be filtered and analysed, including in different visual ways

  • Projects can also have different priorities set with different weightings that can calculate an overall priority level

  • Mattias Wallén - Sales Manager & Senior Business Consultant
    Mattias Wallén - Sales Manager & Senior Business Consultant Based in our Stockholm Office, Mattias has been with the Antura Group since 2013 and has considerable experience of helping a wide variety of customers to achieve their goals with Antura Projects. Prior to joining Antura, Mattias had a background as a Senior Project Manager and Management Consultant, including working for Antura customer Lantmännen.