Antura Again Named HIT Company by Computer Sweden

Antura is for the second year in a row named one of Sweden's 50 most innovative and hyped growth companies within the IT industry – a HIT company according to the Swedish tech magazine Computer Sweden.

Computer Sweden is a fan of innovative technology. That is why they continue to put together the HIT list – to call attention to the companies that are combining smart technology with growth.

For the second year in a row, Computer Sweden has browsed through annual reports, mulled over interesting companies with investors and delved into databases to find the hottest and fastest growing IT companies with sales of no more than 100 million Swedish krona.

After a lot of digging around, discussing and sifting through, they came up with a list of 50 companies. Computer Sweden calls it the HIT list. H for hype, I for innovation and T for “tillväxt” – the Swedish word for growth.

The criteria for being included on the list are:

  • Proprietary product or technology

  • Head office in Sweden

  • Can present at least two annual reports

  • Growth in sales and sales of max. SEK 100 million

  • The technology is innovative, and the company is hyped and talked about

Antura is proud to once again be a HIT-company!

In the final vote Antura finished at No. 33.