Antura Appoints a New Board of Directors

As a next step in securing Antura’s future growth and expansion in both Sweden and other countries, Antura has appointed a new board of directors in 2012. It consists of Chairperson Fredrika Hörlin (company lawyer), Bo Steiner (senior advisor) and Mattias Andersson (CEO).

It’s brings us great pleasure to present the new board of directors and welcome new members Fredrika Hörlin and Bo Steiner.

Chairperson Fredrika Hörlin on her commitment in Antura

“Antura may be a small company in Gothenburg led by its owner, but its operation, management and professionalism have more in common with a publically traded company. Since first coming in contact with Antura three years ago, I have been impressed by their profes-sionalism towards clients, suppliers and partners. To appoint a new board of directors with external members in this expansive phase further illustrates the company’s courage and willingness to grow. With a working board of directors, the company’s expansion and growth is secured for the future and Antura can continue to grow in the same controlled manner as before.”

Director Bo Steiner on his views of Antura’s future possibilities

”When I first came in contact with Antura in 2009, I recognized a great potential in the company’s business concept as well as in the staff’s strong commitment and client focus. I felt that Antura would become an interesting high-growth company over time. To date the expansion of clients and personnel together with a continuously enhanced product, has built a robust platform for a solid domestic market. It is also poised for a coming internationalization, which I see as a great challenge over the next five years.”

”With my own background of 20 years working in international companies and a lot of financial experience from the venture capital business, I see that the company will most likely benefit from my knowledge and network over the coming years. My previous positions in numerous different companies and industries have given me a broad strategic experience, which I intend to bring to the table.”

Antura’s New Board of Directors

Fredrika Hörlin

Fredrika Hörlin

Chairperson of the board
  • Company lawyer for Antura since 2009
  • Lawyer and part owner of the Wåhlin law firm
  • Chairperson and member of the board of several companies
Bo Steiner

Bo Steiner

  • Member of the Advisory Board for Antura from 2009 to 2011
  • Senior Consultant with Tillväxtkonsult
  • 15 years of service as advisor for the Gothenburg Business Region
  • 10 years as a business development consultant at ALMI Företagspartner Väst
  • Chairperson and member of the board of several small- and medium-sized owner-led companies
Mattias Andersson

Mattias Andersson

  • Founder and CEO of Antura
  • Member of the board of PMI Sweden Chapter from 2006 to 2010