Antura is Named One of 442 Super Companies in Sweden 2014

Top marks for growth, profit, revenue, efficiency, capital structure and funding – four years in a row. As a result, Antura is among an exclusive group of companies to be named Super Companies for 2014 by the Swedish business magazine Veckans Affärer and Bisnode.

Antura is one of 442 Swedish companies to be recognized as a Super Company. It is the most challenging award to win and retain. Antura is also one of 13 IT companies that have received The Super Companies (Superföretagen) award at least three years in a row! In total, the Super Companies constitute 0.1% of approximately 350,000 companies in the Swedish business sector.

The assessment is based on the following criteria:

  • Growth

  • Profit

  • Revenue

  • Efficiency

  • Capital structure

  • Funding

The selection and ranking is based on the financial performance of the Swedish corporations over the past four years.

The corporations that secure top marks four years running are an exclusive group – of all the existing corporations, only 442 made the grade in 2014. Of course, the reason for this is the rigorous set of criteria. Qualification is not “just” about high and steady growth; you also need long-term revenue growth in combination with sustainable profitability and a long-term, well-functioning resource management and funding strategy.

The Super Companies not only perform better financially than other comparable companies, but also play a key role in creating new jobs. The 2,342 Super Companies in total that Bisnode and Veckans Affärer have identified since 2005 comprise only 0.5% of all companies, but have accounted for 19% of all new jobs in the private sector over the past ten years.

About The Super Companies 2014

The companies that can simultaneously show long-term sales growth, sustainable profitability, viable management of resources over the long term and a good financing strategy have good chances of gaining super company status.

Bisnode’s model for identifying and ranking Sweden’s Super Companies is based on the economic performance of the Swedish corporations. The model takes into account and weighs the corporations’ growth, profit, earnings, efficiency, capital structure and financing over the past four years. Of all existing corporations, only 442 made it onto the list in 2014.