Antura launches Antura Projects Online Meetings

Collaboration and communication are two crucial factors for success in project and portfolio management. Antura is therefore now launching Antura Projects Online Meetings, a powerful, user-friendly meeting service.

With Antura Projects Online Meetings you can start and schedule online meetings directly from Antura Projects. It takes just a few seconds to start up an online meeting, for example to give a presentation or offer remote support to your clients, personnel and other stakeholders.

All meeting delegates in Antura Projects Online Meetings can see what is being shared on their monitors, and can teleconference at the same time (also with support for IP telephony, VoIP).

Because no software needs to be downloaded, and because non Antura Projects users can also be invited to take part, Antura Projects Online Meetings presents efficient, easily accessible new forms of communication and collaboration.

Antura Projects Online Meetings reduces the need for travel, saving time and money for your business while also increasing efficiency.

“Antura’s ambition is always to be at the leading edge of technology while also offering the best support to our clients and users. In 2014 we are therefore focusing on expanding Antura Projects with more modern collaboration functions. I am delighted that we can now introduce our new Antura Projects

Mattias Andersson, CEO, Antura

Antura Projects Online Meetings is available for Windows, OS X and Linux.

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