Antura launches Antura Projects Viewer

Antura is now launching Antura Projects Viewer, a product that allows immediate access to drawings and documents directly in your web browser. More than 300 file types can be viewed and managed, without the need for special software.

For organizations where different people collaborate on documents and drawings, Antura Projects Viewer brings great cost savings as there are no license or installation costs for AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat or similar products.

Antura Projects Viewer contains support for working efficiently with drawings, and also support for zooming, panning, highlighting and full-screen mode. Common file types such as MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint can easily be saved as PDFs. Antura Projects Viewer also offers advanced search capabilities, such as full text searches in document and drawing content, with hits highlighted in the file itself.

“With Antura Projects Viewer we are supplementing our product offering with a powerful document and drawing management solution, directly in the user’s web browser. This is something our clients in the construction and real estate sectors in particular have been looking for. We are convinced this will lead to major time gains and reduced costs for our clients.”

Mattias Andersson, CEO, Antura

Drawings relating to e.g. construction and civil engineering projects can be scrutinized by the client and contractor simultaneously, even though one may be on the building site and the other in the office.

Antura Projects Viewer also offers support for confidentiality management of files and documents. This means that in bidding processes, confidential information can be protected simply and efficiently.

Antura Projects Viewer is supported by Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Preview documents in your browser.

Work collaboratively with documents and drawings.