Antura named Super Company for fifth consecutive year

Antura has been named a Super Company for the fifth consecutive year in business weekly Veckans Affärer’s and Bisnode’s ranking of Sweden’s most healthy growth companies. Antura is one of 28 companies that has managed to remain on the list for five years in a row.

Antura is one of 580 companies in Sweden that have been named a Super Company this year. In order to be included in the ranking, the company needs to have met stringent demands for growth, profitability and return on capital four years in a row. On average, only a few hundredths of a percent of Swedish companies meet these requirements. In the past four years Antura has more than doubled both its net sales and the number of employees, which is also a factor in the assessment.

A majority of companies on the list are ‘new’ companies, i.e. companies being named Super Companies for the first time. Antura is one of 28 companies to meet the requirements and be named a Super Company for the fifth year in a row.

The Super Companies not only perform better financially than other comparable companies, they also account for a large proportion of growth, development and new jobs in Sweden.


About the 2016 Super Companies 

The companies that can simultaneously show long-term sales growth, sustainable profitability, viable management of resources over the long term and a good financial strategy have good chances of gaining Super Company status.

Bisnode’s model for identifying and ranking Sweden’s Super Companies is based on the economic performance of the Swedish corporations. The model takes into account and weighs the corporations’ growth, profit, earnings, efficiency, capital structure and financing over the past four years.