Antura welcomes Stockholm Vatten as a new customer

Following an evaluation process, Stockholm Vatten is now implementing Antura Projects as its PPM-system. One of the aims is to support the project organization surrounding Stockholm’s Future Wastewater Treatment, one of the company’s biggest projects to date.

Stockholm Vatten is Sweden’s leading water and waste company, serving 1.3 million residents and businesses in the Stockholm area every day. The company owns and manages two waterworks and two wastewater treatment plants, as well as water and sewage pipes, pump stations and water reservoirs in Stockholm and Huddinge. Water and wastewater encompass the production and delivery of drinking water, managing and treating wastewater, dealing with surface water, and responsibility for water quality in lakes and watercourses. 

The rate of migration to the Stockholm region equates to two full busloads a day, and this places exacting demands on development and infrastructure. This is where Stockholm Vatten plays a crucial role in the region’s growth, and the company’s project portfolio includes several hundred maintenance and new investment projects a year.

Project organization with a focus on sustainable development

One new investment relates to Stockholm’s Future Wastewater Treatment, which is one of Stockholm Vatten’s biggest projects to date. It entails the closure of Bromma treatment plant and the construction of a new 14 km wastewater tunnel 30-90 meters underground from Bromma to Sickla. The planned refurbishment and construction will meet residents’ needs for reliable wastewater treatment, while reducing the environmental impact on Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea. 

An extensive project organization calls for a powerful, effective PPM-system. Following an evaluation process, Stockholm Vatten is now choosing to fully implement Antura Projects in its organization. The main features being used are resource management, time reporting, document management, issue management and risk management. There are also plans for the tool to be integrated with the Agresso financial system in 2016, which will enable project managers to see actual financial outcomes directly in Antura Projects. 

We’re honored that Antura Projects is being used to support such an important project organization, with a focus on sustainable development and long-term environmental work. We are delighted to welcome Stockholm Vatten as a new customer of Antura! says Mattias Andersson, CEO of Antura

Every day the municipal company Stockholm Vatten supplies drinking water to 11 municipalities in the Stockholm area – over one million people in total. The company has a strong environmental profile and also works in water conservation, lake restoration and waste management. The operation was established more than 150 years ago, and today has around 460 employees in several professional categories.