ERV Focuses on Project Operations and Chooses Antura Projects

ERV, one of the largest players in personnel and business travel insurance, was facing a change process that involved both the Swedish as well as Danish organization. Antura Projects has functionality for managing all parts of the project effectively.

The ERV Group is headquartered in Germany and has offices in 20 countries. It is one of the largest players on the Swedish market for personnel and business travel insurance and insurance for expatriates. A major part of the ERV Group’s development work is carried out in project form, and during the spring of 2015, the Nordic project office was established, which consists of project managers in Sweden and Denmark.

During the establishment of the project office, ERV identified a need for an integrated PPM tool with support for planning, resource management, reporting, monitoring and time reporting. The PPM tool would be set up jointly with the Danish organization and the purpose was to replace the existing solution:

–Initially, we were primarily using Microsoft Office to manage our projects with templates in Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Even though each tool provided a certain amount of support, it was difficult to get a good overview of individual projects and our project portfolio,” says Jessica Einarsson, Responsible for the Nordic Project Office, ERV.

Europeiska ERV also considered a connection to the SAP business system as well as an integrated solution between the project tool and project methodology, in this case, PPS. Moreover, there were requirements on user-friendliness and the possibility to use the tool in different language versions. In addition to this, information security was an important issue.

After a comparative assessment of multiple project management tool suppliers, Antura Projects was chosen, which ERV believed fulfilled the requirements best. Johannes von Huelsen, CEO of ERV, sums it up:

Some of the most important features for us are time and resource management as well as risk management and financial monitoring of our projects. Antura Projects was able to offer this.

Jessica Einarsson adds:

Antura Projects also has a simplicity and user-friendliness that is key for the tool to be able to be handled by everyone in the organization. Furthermore, the implementation time is relatively short for being such a powerful tool, which in our case was also key when we made the decision to select Antura.

Immediate Benefits and Long-Term Advantages

The configuration and implementation of Antura Projects has now been completed, and Swedish and Danish project managers are working with the tool. Before the start of the project and during the implementation, the collaboration between Antura and ERV was really good.

We have benefited greatly from Antura’s consultants in discussions about resource management and the economic items, in particular. They have contributed with considerable knowledge of the subject. We have received the help and support we asked for and Antura has tried to meet our needs to the greatest extent possible.

After a period of use, Jessica Einarsson finds that:

Antura Project’s strength is that you can control project and portfolio management in a single tool. It has functionality to manage all the parts of the project and even to integrate with our project methodology. In addition to that, we also have complete resource management within the tool, which supports the entire organization in optimizing how resources are used.

Even if the benefit is immediate, ERV also sees long-term advantages with Antura Projects:

Our entire complex change process, where both Sweden as well as Denmark are involved in the project, has been simplified thanks to the tool,” says Johannes von Huelsen.

"Our entire complex change process, where both Sweden as well as Denmark are involved in the project, has been simplified thanks to the tool."

Johannes von Huelsen, CEO of ERV

ERV was founded back in 1920 and in 2012, the name ERV was adopted, which is an abbreviation for “Europäische Reiseversicherung,” European Travel Insurance. The ERV Group is headquartered in Munich and has offices in 20 countries. In Sweden, ERV is one of the largest players in personnel and business travel insurance; every year, 1.2 million travellers and 3.5 million bank and credit cards are insured.