KSU chooses Antura Projects

Kärnkraftsäkerhet och Utbildning AB, KSU, is a company within the Vattenfall Group. KSU trains and improves the competence of the Swedish nuclear power plant personnel and much of the work is conducted in project form. Following a period of evaluation KSU has chosen Antura Projects to support its project, portfolio and resource management.

KSU is represented at all Swedish nuclear power plants, Forsmark, Oskarshamn, Ringhals and Barsebäck and at the headquarters in Studsvik. KSU has two main areas:

  • Safety: Within this area KSU runs traditional projects, such as conversion and extension of simulators (exact copies of the on-site operating environments).

  • Education: Projects within this area relates to a wide array of courses. The main requirement is to control resource planning at all locations, where each course leader's planning and availability is visualized and highlighted.

In addition, KSU runs a number of its own business development projects, IT projects and HR projects.

“At KSU, we have previously used MS Excel, MS Project and other proprietary solutions to plan our projects. This has made it difficult to get an overall view of the project schedules and resource requirements. We needed to see the aggregated plans at management level, by location, by product manager, and plan in detail for each course. We looked at a number of systems, and we decided that Antura Projects offered the best functionality at an attractive price. With Antura Projects, we will have a better grasp of the big picture and at the same time an easy to use and effective support for our project managers and instructors.” says Peter Berg, at KSU.

Kärnkraftsäkerhet och Utbildning AB, KSU, was formed in 1972 by the Swedish nuclear power companies and since 2000 is included in the Vattenfall Group. The company´s headquarter is located in Studsvik and has education units on site at Forsmark, Oskarshamn, Ringhals and Barsebäck. The company´s turnover is 512 million SEK and has about 285 employees. KSU delivers complete solutions in the areas of education, development and consulting. The company is responsible for job training and development of staff at the Swedish nuclear power plants. The training takes place with both theoretical training and training in simulators, which are exact copies of the power plant control room. KSU also conducts specialized training / job training for maintenance staff in work-like power plant environment.