Kronoberg County Council selects Antura Projects

The Kronoberg County Council has chosen Antura Projects to gain a better overview of all projects within the organization and the project office. When making its selection, the County Council also focused on support for project leaders, time reporting, and resource management.

Kronoberg County Council opened a new project office in the IT Department in 2012, aimed at creating a better structure and overview of all project activities. There are about a hundred projects in the pipeline. To be able to work and report in an efficient and uniform manner, the County Council determined that the support of a project tool is a critical factor in achieving better control over individual projects and project portfolios.

Antura Projects will make it possible for Kronoberg County Council to achieve several key aims and objectives. Project managers and project team members are given superb support in their daily work. Antura Projects also creates favorable conditions for better reporting of projects to management. Management will in turn gain a clearer picture of day-to-day operations and all ongoing and planned projects and other initiatives. The system also enables smoother, more efficient cooperation surrounding project activities in general.

Further ahead, the County Council will also be introducing resource planning, for which Antura Projects will be the hub, as well as time reporting for the majority of the organization. The goal is to ensure that several County Council departments outside the project office will also benefit from Antura Projects.

Kronoberg County Council covers eight municipalities and is home to a total population of about 185,000 people. The County Council is one of the largest employers in Kronoberg County, with a workforce of about 5,300. Like all county councils in Sweden, health care is the Kronoberg County Council’s primary task. In addition to providing health and dental care, the County Council is also responsible for regional development in the county and region and for public transportation among all municipalities in the county. There are two hospitals, 33 primary care centers, 15 public dental clinics, habilitation and rehabilitation facilities, and psychiatric care facilities in the county.