Kungsbacka chose Antura Projects

The Municipality of Kungsbacka has selected Antura Projects as its tool for project planning, management, and follow-up, project portfolio management, resource management, document management, and communication. Antura Projects was chosen as the only system submitted to the procurement process that met all of the municipality’s requirements.

The Municipality of Kungsbacka has more than 6,000 employees among the 12 municipal administrations. System implementation has been prioritized for the Service Administration, the Technical Administration, and Municipal Executive Board Administration.

The need 

The Municipality of Kungsbacka identified the following needs and requirements for the tool:

  • Must have project planning and management capability

  • Promote communication and cooperation in projects with both internal and external participants and stakeholders

  • Support multiple project models, especially the municipality’s project model

  • Create an overall view of all planned and ongoing initiatives, highlight priorities, and clarify dependencies among initiatives; each municipal unit may have one or more project portfolios

  • Support resource planning and follow-up at multiple levels

  • Support status and version management of individual documents and entire folders

  • Provide access management where permissions can be set for various projects/initiatives or project segments based on various roles

  • Support issue management in the sense that it must be possible to allocate and follow-up tasks linked to the project

  • Must be web-based and available with a Swedish user interface

The procurement

The Municipality of Kungsbacka elected to procure the project tool via a public procurement process. In addition to Antura, Canea (Canea Projects), Mawell (Webforum), and Visionera (Vision Project) also submitted bids. In this procurement, the municipality chose to test and evaluate every system against each individual specification, which Antura welcomed. The results of the evaluation were as follows:

After the evaluation, Antura’s bid was assessed as the only submitted bid that met all obligatory requirements. The evaluation showed that Canea Projects and Webforum did not meet the obligatory requirements subsequent to verification. Vision Projects was not evaluated.

Kungsbacka is one of the most expansive municipalities in Sweden. It is the northernmost municipality in Halland County and borders on Gothenburg and Mölndal in the north and the municipalities of Mark and Varberg to the east and south. European Motorway 6 and the railroad between Gothenburg and Malmö both run straight through the municipality from north to south. Kungsbacka has a population of 77,000 and is the 26th largest municipality in Sweden. With more than 6,000 employees, the Municipality of Kungsbacka is the largest employer in the municipality.