Many customers upgrade to the new generation of Antura Projects

Although Antura Projects 5.0 only has been on the market for a few months, many of our largest customers have already chosen to upgrade to the new generation.

Antura Projects 5.0 - the next generation of project tools - was launched in August 2010. Focus has been on making the tool more modern and user-friendly, and at the same time with retained qualities that made previous editions so successful.

With many years of experience in developing and delivering project tools to leading Swedish organizations and businesses, we felt it was time to summarize what we mean by a modern project management tool. The image below sums up the result of this investigation and also marks the starting point in the development of the new generation of Antura Projects.

All of these areas are fulfilled in Antura Projects 5.0!

Already in November 2010, the following customers have chosen to upgrade to Antura Projects 5.0:

  • Folksam

  • Husqvarna

  • SJ

  • Lantmännen

  • Preem

  • Sveriges Radio

  • Temporent

  • Västtrafik