Nynas is taking their project management to the next level with Antura

The global oil corporation Nynas has chosen Antura Projects for their project- and portfolio management. Nynas has earlier been using a number of niched systems which did not coexist satisfactory. By introducing Antura Projects, Nynas is taking their operations to the next level with an all-integrated solution.

”Nynas is working on several engineering projects within the corporation. We need to get a better view of our project portfolio and at the same time give our project managers a great tool for planning and follow-up.” –Rikard Thelander, Head of project engineering at Nynas.

“It was my responsibility to overview and evaluate the leading project management tools on the market and to find something that would fit Nynas. I quickly recognized Antura Projects as the best option for us and the more I saw of the product convinced me even further. After we’ve been using Antura Project as a test pilot for a while, I can now conclude that Antura Projects actually is considerably easier to customize and to work with than I initially thought, further on significantly better than our previous tools. We strongly believe Antura Projects to deliver support to the management as well as to the project managers.” –Rikard Thelander continues.

Nynas has a highly developed and mature project culture and a majority of the project managers are experienced and senior in their roles. “Nynas is working with complex technical investment projects and the project managers needs a complete and easy to use IT-support to perform this.” – Patrik Strömbeck, Project manager and client relations at Antura. “We have for example, with Nynas, developed the project- and portfolio managers monthly reporting from a time-consuming chase of numbers, to a one-click report within Antura Projects.” – Patrik Strömbeck continues.

The global oil corporation Nynas is a world leading company in the field of development and sale of oil refined products such as Napthenic (e.g. oil cooling transformers, rubber products and lubricants) and Bitumen (e.g. binders for asphalt). Nynas has 850 employees divided between nine production plants in Europe, USA and South America, and a worldwide span of offices in 30 countries. Nynas has an annual turnover of €2 billion and yearly invest hundreds of millions in their facilities all around the globe.