Product news Antura Projects 5.5

A whole new solution for dashboards, improved support for resource requests, enhanced visual support for project models and a new multi-choice control are some of the news in the latest version of Antura Projects.



A dashboard is a configurable view that displays information in the form of so-called ”gadgets”. The new solution includes features such as:

  • Create unlimited number of dashboards with various content and appearance.
  • Share dashboards with other users.
  • Add/edit/delete gadgets (content).
  • Search gadgets.
  • Mark shared dashboards as favorites for easy access.
  • All gadgets have configuration options to filter out the selection as desired.

The following gadgets are included in version 5.5:

  • Project list - View projects with customizable columns and filter settings.
  • Pie chart - A pie chart can be used to show the distribution in different areas.
  • Bar chart - A bar chart can be used to display periodic data over specified intervals and periods.
  • Line chart - A line chart is suitable to show results and trends on a time scale.
  • Bubble chart - A bubble chart can be used to visualize data in four dimensions.
  • Stacked bar chart - A stacked bar chart is suitable when you have multiple data series and when you want to emphasize the total.

Improved support for resource requests

Resource requests

Major improvements on resource requests which includes the following items:

  • It is now possible to request time on resources and organizational units (in addition to roles).
  • Resource owners can be set at system-level or by organizational unit.
  • Resource owners may allocate time to projects directly (without editing the baseline).
  • Allocated resources are planned directly into the plan as requested.
  • Support for soft booked resources, roles and organizational units in the project.
  • Resources are set directly when assigned, which simplifies the work on an overall level.

Enhanced visual support for project models

Project model

The visual support for project models have been enhanced to even better support different kinds of appearances for project models.

  • Possibility to set whether a decision point divides a phase or not.
  • Possibility to set at which decision points a project starts and ends. Phases and decision points that do not belong to the project life cycle are shown in a brighter color.

Improved filter selection with the new multi-select control

Multi-select control

The multi-select control makes it possible to select multiple items simultaneously. The solution incorporates all filters associated with projects, resources and issues.

Multi-select control

The multi-select control makes it easy to quickly select or clear all options.

New document from template

New document from template

The dialog for creating new documents in the document archive has been enhanced with functionality to create documents based on project model templates.

My place – Planning

My place - Planning

A new view under the tab My place where you as a user/resource can see all your planned commitments in all projects.

Risk history

Risk history

It is now possible to see the history of a risk.

Improved version handling for files

Version history

The version history for files has been extended with comments for each version.