Product news Antura Projects 5.8

Simulation and scenario management, favorite projects and support for “burn rate” in line charts are some of the new functions in Antura Projects 5.8.

Simulation and scenario management


Using the simulation function in Antura Projects, a user can create various scenarios to experiment with overall project planning. In this way it is possible to anticipate the consequences of budgeted resources, costs and effects. It is possible to create and name any number of scenarios. Every scenario contains settings to:

  • Make a selection of projects using project filter
  • Select what projects in the selection to be included in the scenario (for instance, to test what happens if a project never started)
  • Select what resources to be included
  • Select what roles to be included
  • Select what organizational units to be included
  • Control if the capacity limit (maximum number of hours per period) for resources should appear or not

The simulation is made with the following parameters:

  • Select or unselect separate projects based on their priority, ranking, risk or other relevant aspects
  • Move projects forward and backward in time (by drag and drop Gantt bars)

For each scenario resource allocation, costs or effects per month are shown.

Favorite projects

With one simple click, it is now possible to mark projects as favorites. Favorite projects can be filtered out in any project filter in the system. It allows the user to quickly find and choose favorite projects from a long list of projects.

Favorite projects

Support for ”burn rate” in line charts

Antura Projects line charts have been extended with the following choices to support so-called "burn rate":

  • Plan resources (total)
  • Actual / forecasting resources (accumulated)
  • Budget costs (total)
  • Actual / forecast costs (accumulated)
  • Budget effects (total)
  • Actual / forecast effects (accumulated)

Line chart

The choices make it possible to clearly see the performance and forecast on resources, costs and effects compared to total budget.

Possibility to filter on status

Status columns now have a filtering function, which makes it easy to filter out projects with a certain status. For instance, it is now possible to filter out all projects that have red and yellow status in time or all projects that do not have any status reported. Status properties can also be used when filtering with the project filter, which allows filtering of projects with specific statuses in views with project filters, reports and gadgets.

Status filter

PDF exports of Dashboards

The view Dashboards is a configurable dashboard that displays information about the project portfolio in so-called "gadgets". It is now possible to export this view as a PDF report.

Export Dashboards


By using system news, information can be sent out all users of Antura Projects. All news appears on the user’s homepage as well as a notification at the chosen time for each news. It is also possible to create recurring reminders, for instance, to inform when a maintenance window of the system approaches.

Antura Projects system news supports several types of text formatting and it is also possible to attach a photo or link.