Report from Antura Day 2016

Fascinating customer case studies from leading PPM operations (including Saab, Copenhagen Airports, Sveriges Radio and Willhem), the launch of the first Antura Awards, Antura’s grand 15th anniversary celebrations and an enthusiastic audience made Antura Day 2016 in Stockholm a great success. Here is our report from the event.

Antura Day is an important annual event because it brings together Antura customers and other stakeholders to exchange experiences, and to pick up inspiration for Antura Projects in particular and project and portfolio management in general. This year built on last year’s success, including an insight into PPM at leading organizations in widely varying industries. This year’s client cases – Saab, Copenhagen Airports, public broadcaster Sveriges Radio and housing company Willhem – attracted a lot of curiosity from attendees. From this insight can be drawn a number of synergies, along with differences from which to be inspired. 

As a thank you for the speakers for their input on Antura Day, Antura has made a donation to the Swedish Cancer Society in the name of each company. 

Antura 15 years in business

Alongside the customer case studies, Antura’s 15th anniversary was also a key part of the agenda. Several new employees were presented on stage, as well as Antura’s latest awards and up-coming new products. The day finished off with a big evening of top entertainment, with no less than seven artists on stage, including word artistry, magic, stand-up and mind-reading that amused and amazed the audience.

Antura Awards

This year marked the launch of the first Antura Awards, where Antura recognizes and celebrates organizations that work with project, portfolio and resource management in an exemplary way. There was a great atmosphere among the audience when this year’s prize-winners in the categories of Best Implementation Awards 2016 and Antura Honorary Awards were announced. Once again, our warm congratulations to the winners:

Best Implementation Award 2016, Private Sector
Saab Aeronautics

Best Implementation Award 2016, Public Sector
Svenska kraftnät

Honorary Award For Extraordinary Contributions to Antura Group

Honorary Award For Lifetime Achievements in Project and Portfolio Management
Kjell Rodenstedt

For further information regarding Antura Awards, reasons and judges, please click here.

Thanks to all our customers, business partners and industry colleagues for a great Antura Day 2016. See you again soon!


Alongside fascinating customer case studies, Antura’s 15th anniversary was a key part of the agenda.

Antura Day finished off with a big evening of top entertainment.