Sollentuna Municipality opts for Antura Projects

The Planning and Development Department at Sollentuna Municipality has selected Antura Projects for control and management of all assignments/projects. The focus is on project management, resource planning, financial follow-up and time reports.

The Planning and Development Department at Sollentuna Municipality has an aim to improve and streamline its town planning process. One part of this is to improve the system tools that the department uses, and the integration between these tools.

Sollentuna Municipality was looking for a system that would deliver the following benefits to its operations:

  • More efficient management of operations, by way of resource planning and time reports

  • Reduced reliance on particular individuals

  • Increased communication in the process, both within the municipality and with municipal residents and other parties

  • Greater accuracy when estimating completion dates of various assignments

  • Better quality planning, by keeping information on planned and utilized time in the same system

  • Provide support at administrative level, to quality-assure the work process.

In light of the above, Sollentuna Municipality has procured Antura Projects as system support, to meet these requirements.

Antura Projects will be used operatively by most employees and roles within the Planning and Development Department. Antura Projects will also push information for politicians, other departments and municipal residents to the intranet and the external website.

Sollentuna Municipality has a population of over 66,000 and is located about 15 km north of Stockholm.

Sollentuna is a vibrant town, with lots of businesses and retail centers, mixed with pretty countryside and cultural activities. The new Sollentuna town center, the Stinsen shopping center, Järvafältet Nature Reserve and Edsvik Art Gallery are just a few examples. Sollentuna is growing all the time. It’s currently going through a transformation, with the central areas being developed and upgraded. The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise ranks Sollentuna as one of the country’s most business-friendly municipalities.

Sollentuna Municipality has about 2,800 employees.