Swedavia takes control of its project portfolio with Antura Projects

Swedavia is a state-owned group that owns, operates and develops eleven airports across Sweden. Swedavia chose Antura Projects as its enterprise project and portfolio management system.

In the spring of 2012 Swedavia implemented Antura Projects, to enable centralized portfolio management. The project managers were trained to use the tool, including to report their time and cost forecasts, and to carry out established status reporting with traffic lights.

The choice of Antura Projects to consolidate our project information is a perfect fit for our IT strategy. The system launch went smoothly and the reception amongst staff has been very positive”, says Fredrik Frimodig, CIO at Swedavia.

“In a very short time we managed to enter all our projects and get in status reports from most of them”, explains Conny Ulvestaf, IT portfolio manager at Swedavia. “After just a few weeks we had a good overview of our project portfolios. Getting this transparency into our project operations was hugely valuable”, he continues enthusiastically. “Plus, it was very easy for our project offices in different parts of the organization to follow and manage their own project portfolios.”

Most important for Swedavia prior to the roll-out of Antura Projects was to meet the management’s requirement for consolidated project information. With about one hundred active projects within the organization, in the past it has been quite a challenge to gather the status reports to a single picture of the situation. For this reason, the capability to quickly transfer all projects to Antura Projects, thereby offering the project managers a simple way to report the status of their projects, was one of the critical success factors of this venture.

“Now we look forward to getting started with other features of the tool, for instance prioritization within the portfolios and, eventually, resource management. Also, we’ll integrate our financial system, which means we add financial outcomes to each respective project. This way the project managers sees directly which costs have been charged to the project, which means they don’t have to take a detour past our financial system, a procedure that people find a bit cumbersome”, Conny Ulvestaf concludes.

Swedavia is a state-owned group that owns, operates and develops eleven airports across Sweden. Swedavia’s role is to create the access Sweden needs to facilitate travel, business and meetings – in Sweden, in Europe and around the world. Safe, satisfied passengers are the foundation of our business. Swedavia is a world leader in developing airports with the least possible environmental impact. The Group has revenue of almost 4.7 billion Swedish kronor and some 2,500 employees.