Swedish Migration Board invests in Antura Projects to meet the challenges of tomorrow

The Migration Board is a Swedish government agency responsible for migration issues including asylum, visits and settlement, and citizenship. Stakeholders are voicing strong demands for development and modernization of the Migration Board’s operations. As part of its initiative to meet these demands, the agency has chosen Antura Projects as its integrated project portfolio tool.

The Migration Board is engaged in a goal-oriented development initiative aimed at meeting current and future challenges. Among else, this involves introducing new e-services, improving working methods to shorten waiting times for applicants, and otherwise reinforcing the Migration Board as a modern government agency that delivers high efficiency, availability, and service along with application of the law that corresponds to demands for very high quality.

Within the framework of its mission, the Migration Board is running a large number of projects of varying size and calendar time. The agency uses XLPM as a project model and both employees and external resources work in the projects.

Stakeholders are voicing strong demands for development and modernization of the Migration Board’s operations. Going forward, meeting these demands will require continued extensive project activities. The board is currently creating a project portfolio and implementing portfolio management.

The Migration Board summarized its needs for a project portfolio tool as follows:

  • Establish a better method of creating decision input in relation to prioritizations of our development initiatives

  • Provide a clear overall picture of our development initiative

  • Simplify project administration for project managers, project administrators, and project team members

The Migration Board issued a public procurement to find the project tool with the highest capacity to meet the board’s extensive requirements and the classified nature of its operations, while also providing the optimal price structure.

In the evaluation, it proved that Antura Projects was the only system that met all of the Migration Board’s obligatory requirements. This was verified on-site at the Migration Board, where the bidding vendors were asked to demonstrate how each requirement was met, directly in the tool.

The Migration Board estimates that the number of system users will be about 1,500.

The Migration Board is a Swedish state administrative authority organized under the Ministry of Justice. The agency is the central Swedish aliens’ authority and is responsible for the operational areas of asylum, visits and settlement, and citizenship. The Migration Board has offices all over the country and currently has about 3,500 employees. The registered offices of the Migration Board are in Norrköping.