The County Council of Östergötland selected Antura Projects

The County Council of Östergötland has purchased a complete project management system including: project planning and management, portfolio-, resource- and document management, follow-up and communication. Several competitors were evaluated but only one fulfilled all of the requirements, the choice fell on Antura Projects.

The County Council of Östergötland

The County Council of Östergötland consists of 13 districts with 429 640 residents. Their primary responsibilities are to the public health- and dental care system. With 42 care centers, three specialized hospitals in Motala, Norrköping and Linköping and 40 dental care units, the County Council is the largest employer in the province with 11 300 employees.

The requirements

IT-centrum is the central function within the County Council. They described the system requirements needed to support their existing project management in the best possible way. They valued standard features such as full support for the project model, effective project planning, follow-up, flexible resource management and integrated reporting of time. To get an easy and effective overview of the organization a powerful portfolio tool was required. Another important need throughout the organization was to be able to plan resources in a larger prospective, such as workload on different departments, functions and roles.

The single most important feature of the acquired system was however to have a user-friendly approach. The system has to be as easy to use for an infrequent user in a single project, as for an experienced project manager with several huge and complex projects on a regular basis.


After an extensive analysis of requirements were summarized, for the County Councils need today and well as for the future, they choose to proceed with a public procurement. Besides Antura Projects, other tools on the market participated in the procurement, these were: Microsoft (Camako), ProjectPlace, Webforum, Canea Projects 2011 and Designtech. To the liking of Antura, The County Council decided to test all competing tools towards every single requirement stated above which resulted in the following:

  • Anturas offer were judged to be the only one qualified, Antura Projects fulfilled all of the stated requirements and needs.

  • Canea Projects 2011, Designtech and Webforum did not meet all of the stated requirements after evaluation.

  • Microsoft (Camako) and ProjectPlace were not evaluated since their offered price were too steep.