The Region Jönköping County Chose Antura Projects

The Region Jönköping County has procured an IT tool for project management and resource management. Antura Projects was chosen as it was the only solution in the procurement that fulfilled all obligatory requirements.

The Region Jönköping County is primarily responsible for healthcare and dental care, but is also responsible for regional development, bus and train traffic, culture as well as education.

Antura Projects will be used to manage the county’s various project portfolios, project programs, individual projects, the management of the operations’ resources in projects and line operations as well as external resources. Initially, Antura Projects will be used by the IT center and its approximately 200 users and will be subsequently implemented in the remaining operations.

The Region Jönköping County runs operations throughout all of Jönköping county. The county consists of 13 communities with approximately 340,000 inhabitants.

The Region Jönköping County is one of Jönköping county’s largest employers with approximately 10,000 employees.