The Swedish Export Credit Corporation picks Antura Projects

Following an evaluation of the market’s project tools during the spring of 2012, the state-owned Swedish Export Credit Corporation (SEK) has selected Antura Projects for its project operations, resource management, project management and time reporting.

In light of its operations, SEK has a relatively extensive project portfolio, where many of the projects are a result of the introduction of legislation in the financial marketplace, both at the EU and global levels.

Like many other companies and organizations, SEK used tools such as MS Excel for time, resource and project management, as well as MS Project.

In recent years SEK has focused on improving its project and portfolio management. For instance, XLPM has been implemented for project methodology. To streamline the management of the project portfolio, and to create transparency in resource management and project planning, as well as a joint tool for time reporting, SEK decided on a procurement process with an extensive list of requirements. Selected project tool suppliers were invited to tender.

For SEK the most important thing was to find a comprehensive project tool with a firm focus on simplicity and user-friendliness. Another requirement: the tool had to have a procedure for resource request, to handle resource planning as well as independent resource planning. The aim was to minimize the use of MS Excel for resource and project management, and to replace MS Project with Antura. Time reporting for projects and other operations was another of the primary requirements. One obvious aim was to gather project information, in order to achieve uniform reporting and follow-up. The tool also had to integrate well with the project methodology XLPM.

After evaluating the responses to the requirements, meeting suppliers and trialing the systems, SEK decided to sign an agreement with Antura and the project tool Antura Projects.

“In three months we’ve introduced parts of Antura Projects into our project operations, and we have started up resource planning, resource requests and time reporting. We’re very happy with the support we’ve got from Antura’s project managers and consultants”, says Charlotte Westlund, Head of Project Office at SEK.

SEK’s operations are exciting – and they’re important to Sweden. At Antura we’re delighted to be working with SEK, and we look forward to contributing to positive results in the future.

“I’ve had the pleasure of being in charge of the introduction of Antura Projects at SEK. It has been a very enjoyable assignment. SEK had clearly specified goals and high expectations for the introduction, and I know that SEK will continue to improve and update its project and portfolio management. Especially now that they can streamline their procedures while enjoying the support of Antura Projects. It has been a fantastic journey where we’ve laid the foundation for a rewarding collaboration between SEK and Antura”, explains Patrik Norling, Project Manager at Antura.

The mission of the Swedish Export Credit Corporation (SEK) is to secure access to financial solutions on a commercial basis for the Swedish export economy. With SEK, companies have a partner who can provide expertise, a long-term commitment and favorable terms in more than 100 countries worldwide. SEK helps strengthen the international competitiveness of Swedish enterprise.

SEK is 100 percent owned by the Swedish state. The owner exerts its influence at the company’s general meetings and through board representation. The Ministry of Finance is responsible for the state’s ownership.