Three Swedish municipalities sign joint agreement with Antura

The Siljan Region (in Swedish: “Siljansbygden”) is the collective name for the municipalities of Mora, Orsa and Älvdalen. The Region plans to establish a joint project office and has signed an agreement with Antura for the project tool Antura Projects.

The Region has a joint IS/IT function that is responsible for projects, system management and operation within the three municipalities. The project operations include development projects, consolidation projects and application management.

The Region has identified a number of areas in project management that can be improved, and has decided to establish a joint project office, to introduce a project tool for the three municipalities and to train project managers in the organization.

A key component in this exciting venture is that the Region has signed an agreement with Antura Projects, where the project tool Antura Projects will form the foundation of the project operations, which comprises the investment in the project office, project managers, project members and the management’s overview of all projects.