Uppsala Clinical Research Center, UCR, chooses Antura Projects

UCR, an organization within the Uppsala County Council, recently signed an agreement with Antura. Antura offered something no other supplier could offer: a project tool that integrates fully with both the PPS project model and the Agresso finance system.

Uppsala Clinical Research Center, normally abbreviated UCR, works with clinical research, clinical trials and quality development. UCR now has some 100 employees. UCR also has a group of affiliated researchers in a number of areas. Most of UCR’s operations are project-based, which means that for UCR it’s essential to coordinate and collaborate both within and outside the organization.

In the summer of 2012 an agreement was signed, to implement Antura Projects as UCR’s main tool for project management. The selection of Antura Projects was preceded by thorough evaluation, reference visits and extensive contacts.

”Antura really appreciates customers who do a proper analysis, because it’s often not until then that alternative solutions are revealed to be inadequate”, says Anders Haglund at Antura, Account Manager for UCR.

UCR is a relatively independent unit, organizationally positioned halfway between Uppsala University and Uppsala University Hospital. Most staff are employed by the hospital, but UCR shares its entire IT infrastructure with the university.

For some time, at Uppsala University it has been possible to use the project model PPS, which UCR chose to do. For that reason it was natural to also choose Antura’s add-on product “Antura Projects for PPS”, which creates full integration between Antura Projects and PPS from the very start of the implementation.

Even more important, if not absolutely crucial, were the capabilities for integration with the Agresso finance system. This is because UCR’s financial management is administered by the County Council, which means UCR is completely controlled by the hospital’s procedures. For those who need it the most, insight into their own project finances is actually quite limited. Consequently, Antura’s experience of and links with Agresso were of huge significance.

Uppsala Clinical Research Center (UCR) works with clinical research, clinical trials and quality development. UCR now has some 100 employees. UCR’s overarching objective is to develop and enhance health and medical care by providing service in clinical research, clinical trials, quality registries and quality development. The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions has designated UCR as a national center of competence for quality registries.