Webinar 21st January: New Year, New Projects – best practices for setting up new projects in Antura Projects

Getting new projects up and running well is at the very core of successful project portfolio and resource management.

For the first Antura Webinar of 2021, we will be looking at best practices around setting up new projects in our Antura Projects PPM Tool, including setting up a new project through everything needed to go live. We will also be showcasing elements of our evolving UI as Antura adapts to ever changing demands from our customers and the wider market.

Date & Time

The webinar will take place on 21st January  at 11AM GMT. To register, please fill in the registration form on the right.


Magnus Säfström - Senior Project Manager & Business Consultant

Magnus has been with the Antura Group for over five years and has successfully managed many customer implementation projects across Scandinavia and the UK & Ireland. Magnus joined the group after working as a project manager for an Antura Projects customer so has years of everyday practical experience of using our tool that he shares to help users get the very best out of their projects.

Other information

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