Webinar 23rd June: Successful time reporting in Antura Projects

Successful time reporting is a key part in determining if your projects are truly being delivered on time and on budget.

In this Antura webinar, we will be looking at the time reporting side of resource management within the Antura Projects PPM Tool. Tracking that time spent information is vital to successful project portfolio management, and we will be sharing best practices and what good looks like from our experiences of working with many customers across multiple industries.

Date & Time

The webinar will take place on Wednesday 23rd June at 11am BST (British Summer Time or GMT+1). To register, please fill in the registration form on the right.


David Spjuth - Project Manager & Business Consultant

Based in our Gothenburg HQ, David has been with the Antura Group for nearly eight years and previously worked in telecoms, including Ericsson and Tele2. An engineer by training, David started his career in software development before moving into technical project management where he was responsible for the operations and development of a team of project managers. Successful resource management is a key part of David’s expertise, including finding the right resources for tasks all the way through the project life cycle.


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