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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Antura, we are committed and responsible in all that we do. Our core values ​​- quality, simplicity, generosity and credibility - permeate our organisation and corporate culture. These values guide us and are the basis for our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) focus areas.

Antura is currently engaged in collaborations with approximately 50 local authorities, including county councils and municipalities. These collaborations involve the use of Antura's products and services to maintain and further develop critical societal functions. Additionally, Antura works closely with various international organizations and authorities.

In terms of corporate social responsibility, Antura annually donates to various charity organizations, as determined by Antura´s employees. Prior to making any donations, Antura ensures the legitimacy of these organizations to guarantee effective fund management and the actual delivery of support to those in need. This year, we have chosen to support SOS Children's Villages, the Cancer Foundation, and UNHCR.

We are supporting SOS Children's Villages to ensure every child's right to a secure upbringing. By influencing authorities and decision-makers, SOS Children's Villages aims to keep families together. They empower parents to prevent them from being separated from their children and provide assistance if the worst has already happened. SOS Children's Villages give children and young people the opportunity to shape their lives and contribute to a sustainable future for themselves and their communities.

Our contribution to the Cancer Foundation is aimed at enabling continued funding for leading cancer research, disseminating knowledge about cancer, and influencing policymakers on crucial issues. The Cancer Foundation works to reduce the number of cancer cases and increase the survival rates for those affected. The vision is to completely conquer cancer.

We are supporting UNHCR so they can continue to assist in war-torn Ukraine and ensure that more vulnerable people receive essential protection, blankets, sleeping mats, clothing, food, and medicine. Their efforts save lives today and will continue to provide help for a long time to come.


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