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Integrations and APIs

Integrationer och API

Antura can be easily integrated with other third-party software. We offer both web service-based APIs and file-based integrations, making it possible to choose the method that best suits your organization and your needs.

  • Plug and play Integrations are out-of-the-box integrations with well-known systems, such as MS SharePoint, MS Power BI and Jira.

  • Antura Open API is a REST-based API for writing and reading information to and from Antura.

  • Antura Integration Standard is a standardized and simple way to import data from other systems via XML files.

  • Custom Integration Modules are integration modules developed by Antura specifically for your organization's needs.

Authentication and Provisioning

Antura supports login via Single Sign-On (SSO) as well as with local accounts. It is also possible to mix different login methods to, for example, to support external consultants who do not have accounts in the AD.

For SSO, SAML2, WS-Federation and Windows login or NTLM are supported. Windows login is only available for on-prem installations.

For local accounts, there is support for two-factor authentication with Time-based one-time password (TOTP) which can be easily used by scanning a QR code with, for example, Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator in the mobile phone. In addition, there are powerful tools for setting up password rules and password rotation.

Provisioning can be done with SCIM or Active Directory sync. Active Directory sync is only available for on-prem installations. In addition, it is possible to provision users and groups via the Antura Open API.


Integrationer och API

Information is one of the most important assets of any organization. If information is lost, confidential data is stolen or important documents are damaged, it can have serious consequences for a business.

We are constantly working to ensure security, reliability and availability for our customers.

In Antura's SaaS, data is encrypted both during transmission (transit) and storage (rest). The entire platform is designed according to the principle of least privilege. Our customers' data is completely separated in different databases with unique accounts for access.

Security permeates all of Antura's development work, from specification to review and testing. Antura works with security by design and OWASP top 10. In addition, penetration tests of Antura are carried out regularly by an external party.

Swedish secure cloud platform provider

Antura's cloud platform is hosted via a data center in Sweden by a Swedish ISO27001-certified infrastructure provider.

To support regulations and legal requirements, all customer data is stored and processed within the EU.

ISO 27001-certified

Antura is certified according to the internationally recognized standard for information security, ISO 27001:2013 with the following definition:

"Development, maintenance, management, operations, and support of all products, solutions and services delivered by Antura."

Antura has a well-developed and implemented management system for information security. ISO 27001 is based on the standard SS-EN ISO 27001 and includes the dimensions confidentiality, integrity and accessibility.

Intertek, one of the world's leading companies in the certification of both products and management systems, has thoroughly reviewed Antura's management system for information security.



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Safe handling of personal data

It is important to us at Antura that you feel safe and that you have confidence in how we handle your personal data, regardless of whether you are a customer, employee, supplier or user of Antura Projects. Antura complies with GDPR.

Antura with on-premise hosting

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On-premise hosting is possible and is based on Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server. Contact us for more information.


Integrationer och API

Antura is available in the following language versions:

  • English

  • German

  • French

  • Swedish

  • Danish

  • Norwegian

  • Finnish

  • Spanish