Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy

Personal identifiable information - an asset, a trust and a responsibility 

It is important for us at Antura that you feel secure and that you have confidence in how we handle your personal information - whether you are a customer, employee, supplier or user of Antura Projects. Antura supports and respects international laws and standards on human rights. Antura is specifically committed to comply with the data protection legislation and relevant regulations applicable in Sweden.

This policy describes how Antura works with personal privacy and data protection and how we always pursue the principles:

  • To request and manage personal data solely on legal ground, with legal purposes and only information relevant to the purpose.

  • To never store personal data longer than necessary for customer care, customer contacts or effective delivery of Antura's products and services. Then delete them.

  • To be open about what personal data is stored and for what purpose they were saved.

  • To correct and update personal information that is incorrect and delete personal data if requested by the registered person. 

If you are a customer of Antura

Antura stores personal information about the individuals designated by the legal contractor (i.e. Antura's customer) to be a contact with Antura. You can either be a designated contact person in contractual and commercial issues, a system administrator, a system owner or otherwise have a more dedicated responsibility regarding Antura's products and services. For Antura to be able to get in contact with you and also to offer you as good and efficient service as possible, we will save your basic contact information, including name, role, email address and phone number. Without any information or personal information being collected, stored or handled unnecessarily, we occasionally use your personal information in mailings, selections and simpler customer care analyzes.

If you no longer in your business role have contact with Antura, but your organization is still customer of Antura, we usually continue to save your contact information. If you are stored in any of our systems, you notice it by regularly receiving information by email from us. You are always offered the possibility to get permanently deleted from our systems. In that case, click  HERE to access the form for deleting personal information.

If your organization is no longer a customer with us, your personal information will be deleted after no more than 10 years.

If you are a user of Antura Projects 

If you are an Antura Projects user in your role or assignment, it means that your employer or client has purchased Antura Projects as a service or product. It also means that it is your employer or contractor who is so-called personal datacontroller and you shall contact these representatives when you have questions about how your personal data are handled in Antura Projects used within your organization. Antura generally has no comments or knowledge about what information our customers store in Antura Projects or how long the information is stored.

Antura as a supplier

Antura provides support and consulting services, which usually means that a few people at Antura have technical access to a specific customer's Antura Projects environment through a so-called "maintenance account”, with the purpose of being able to troubleshoot and otherwise be helpful to the customer. Since Antura has the ability to access these environments, Antura acts personal data processor.

Antura takes appropriate technical and organizational security measures, consistent with industry standards, to ensure that your information is protected from unauthorized access. Only a limited proportion of our employees have access to the information about you stored in our customers' environments, and their management of the information is strictly regulated. Access permissions for Antura’s staff for different installations and environments are controlled and regulated carefully via an internal routine.

Antura has a designated DPO (Data Protection Officer) and a CISO (Information Security Officer) representing Antura in Integrity. If a personal data incident would occur, Antura has routines for reporting and managing one. 

Antura Projects as a product or service

Antura Projects allows the acting personal data controller to provide security-by-default features and settings built into the product. When a user is registered in Antura Projects, a few personal identifiable information items are requested for user account to be created. Only first name, last name and e-mail are required. What other information is filled in is determined by the customers themselves.

Data that is only current or in question for a certain period is automatically deleted by default without further configuration being required. There is also the possibility to adjust the length of time this type of data is saved.

The availability of personal data is best restricted by using the built-in authorization system in Antura Projects. By doing this you can ensure that the right people have access to the right personal data. In addition, it is always required that you are logged in to Antura Projects to view any information, which means that personal data is never available to an unlimited number of people.

For personal data controllers to have the tools needed to implement appropriate safeguards, Antura Projects is provided with features that facilitate minimization of personal data, pseudonymization and deletion of data. This is called security-by-design.

Antura will never use your personal data stored in Antura Projects for any purpose other than to assist and support your work or contractor in his or her business in accordance with the agreement between the parties.

If you are a potential buyer of Antura Projects

Antura stores personal information about people we meet at sales meetings, fairs, conferences and other meetings with you as potential buyer of Antura Projects.

Personal information for this purpose includes basic contact information about you, which includes name, role, email address and phone number. These personal data may be saved for up to 10 years because the sales cycles in our industry may sometimes be very long. The legal basis for this is balance of interest.

The purpose is that you will be able to get as good and purposeful service as possible in your contacts with Antura, without any information or personal information collected, stored or handled unnecessarily. You are always offered the possibility to get permanently deleted from our systems.

If you are a user of Antura Projects Mobile

To use Antura’s mobile apps, you must agree that the app has permission for the following features in your mobile phone or tablet:

  • Internet
    This permission is used to enable communication with the Antura Projects server.

  • Phone and SMS
    This permission is used when you call and text (SMS) other project members within the app. No message or call history is saved or logged by the app.

  • Camera and storage
    This permission is used when handling project issues. You can take photos and attach photos and documents to the issues of individual projects. These images / documents / files are stored on the Antura Projects server. This permission is also used when managing project documents in your project. These documents / files are stored on the Antura Projects server.

If you are an employee, partner and supplier to Antura

If you have an ongoing or previous relationship with Antura, as an employee, contractor, partner or supplier, we have stored personal information about you. The purpose of the storage is strictly business-related, i.e. Antura needs to use personal information to pay salaries, pay invoices, pay taxes and fees, contact the right representatives and the like. The data is stored for a maximum of 10 years after the employment, assignment or partnership has been completed. After that, your personal information is deleted from our systems, but can of course be registered again if we meet under new circumstances. 

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