Antura - all in one

Project, Portfolio and Resource Management Software

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management is key to any business that needs to decide on the right investments and to maximize benefits with limited resources. In Antura, senior management, PMO, and other stakeholders get an overall view on the group’s projects, and can analyze and govern the development of the entire project portfolio.

  • Manage project ideas

  • Prioritize projects, ideas and other initiatives

  • Align projects to strategic goals

  • Define customized portfolio, program and project properties

  • Group projects by portfolio, program, organisational unit, or any other optional perspective

  • Manage main and sub projects

  • Consolidated view of all decisions

  • Follow-up and analysis of the project portfolio

  • Simulate resources, costs, and benefits in multiple scenarios

  • Generate reports and decision-making documents for management

  • Visualization with charts and dashboards

Resource Management

The tool provides all features that any business needs to be able to work with resource management in an efficient way. Thanks to smooth functionality and visual views, Antura Projects can help you to stay on top of capacity planning and resource allocation.

  • Resource planning in projects, assignments, maintenance and line work

  • Capacity planning incl. availability and requests

  • Planning and follow-up by resource, role, team and organisational unit

  • Manage work load of employees and external resources, e.g. consultants

  • Manage resource conflicts, e.g. over and under bookings

  • Request and allocate resources

  • Follow-up of time spent with time reporting

  • Absence planning

  • Simulation of resource demand

  • Graphical resource histograms

  • Competence management


Effective and visual support for evaluation of ideas, projects and other initiatives. Analyze the flow based on project volume, resource availability, financial constraints and strategic goals.

  • Strategic planning and prioritization of initiatives

  • Decision-making for start-up of new initiatives

  • Evaluate resource needs, budget or other quantifiable parameters

  • Compare planned work with the organization's capacity

  • Detect bottlenecks before they occur

  • Follow-up the benefit realization from projects and initiatives


The system offers many useful tools to simplify structuring and planning of WBS elements, tasks, and milestones over time.

  • Scheduling through drag and drop directly in the Gantt chart

  • Flexible management of graphical WBS structures (drag and drop)

  • Internal and external dependencies

  • Support for critical path

  • Status and progress reporting

  • Support for baseline versioning

  • Define customized task properties

  • Fully integrated with the organization’s project model

  • Support for template projects

  • MS Project import and export

Cost Management

Antura provides a complete support for managing costs with calculation, budgeting, actuals and forecasting for projects, activities and cost types.

  • Management of all types of costs

  • Support for cost centers, cost types, and accounts

  • Support for investments (CAPEX) and expenses (OPEX)

  • Cost calculation and budgeting

  • Cost actuals with ERP system integration (add-on)

  • Forecasting and trends

  • Earned Value Management

  • Key Performance Indicators

  • Multi-currency support

  • Define customized cost item properties

Benefit Management

In Antura, users can assess and calculate benefits that projects and programs will contribute to business goals. The system supports budgeting, follow-up, and forecasting of benefits at both project and portfolio levels.

  • Management of all types of benefits, e.g. sales revenue, efficiency or cost savings

  • Benefit estimation and budgeting

  • Benefit actuals (e.g. revenues) integrated with the organization’s ERP system

  • Forecasting and trends

  • Liquidity and cash-flow analysis

  • Calculation of profit/loss and margin

Time Reporting

In the tool every co-worker and external consultant can report time in a simple and flexible way. Time reporting can serve as a basis for project follow-up as well as for payroll and billing.

  • Time reporting on projects, assignments, maintenance, and line work

  • Absence reporting

  • Detailed task and delivery reporting

  • Flexible handling of time codes

  • Hourly rates can be set on individual level, or by role, project and task

  • Progress reporting and estimate to complete (ETC)

  • Approval of time reports

  • Create reports for billing purposes

  • Time reporting from mobile phones

Document Management

The system offers a comprehensive and flexible support for organizing documents and other files. The document management in Antura Projects provides flexibility, traceability, and security to both internal and external stakeholders.

  • Upload unlimited number of folders and documents using drag and drop

  • Manage document templates

  • Ability to define standard folder structures as default for new projects

  • Online editing of documents

  • Automatic versioning control

  • Powerful permission management for folders and documents

  • Workflow support for document review, approval and signing

  • Possibility to comment and subscribe to documents

  • Search for documents in multiple projects at the same time

  • Possibility to define customized document properties/metadata

  • Mass editing of document properties

  • Access documents from mobile phones

Collaboration & Communication

The system offers numerous intelligent and useful features to enable communication and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.

  • Discussion forum/Messaging

  • Instant messaging/Chat

  • Avatars and presence

  • Discussions related to documents, issues and tasks

  • Shared calendar and document collaboration

  • News feed and bulletin boards

  • Support for mobile collaboration

Issue Management & Kanban

Issue management is used to manage all unplanned activities that always arise in a project, such as questions, change requests, error reports and reviews. The functionality also supports agile project management.

  • Create, prioritize, assign and manage issues

  • Possibility to comment and subscribe

  • Possibility to define customized issue properties

  • Support for main and sub issues

  • Search for issues across multiple projects

  • Create customized issue workflows

  • Possibility to e-mail issues to an inbox

  • Visual issue management with Kanban Boards

Risk Management

The system includes support for identifying, evaluating, managing and monitoring project risks according to established standards.

  • Risk assessment of probability and impact

  • Standard risks can be imported to projects

  • Possibility to define customized risk properties

  • Management of risk measures

  • Search for risks across multiple projects

  • Customizable risk analysis model with optional scales and evaluation models

Project Model Support

The system has a practical and completely integrated support for the organization’s project models (e.g. XLPM, PPS, PRINCE2) and governance models (e.g. PM3).

  • Graphic display of the project or governance model

  • Toll gate functionality with configurable requirements

  • Support for parallel and serial decision-making processes with one or several instances

  • Connect your steering and supporting documents (document templates)

  • Integrated with project planning

  • Support for agile processes


Antura enables agile working methods and portfolio management according to SAFe and other frameworks. Combine project work and agile-driven development in hybrid portfolios.

  • Define backlogs, sprints and development initiatives

  • Manage and follow up development work in value streams

  • Resource planning of teams

  • Time reporting on agile work packages

  • Link the agile work to strategic goals and budget follow-up

  • Work and according to the principles of the SAFe framework

  • Connection to Jira for the best combination of agile operational planning with strategic perspectives

Reporting & Analysis

The system offers numerous options for reporting and analysis, both for single projects as well as for the complete project portfolio.

  • Standard reports on project and project portfolio level

  • Views can be exported to Excel and PDF

  • Create customized reports with the system’s report generator

  • Export data to Excel pivot

  • Simulation of resources, costs and benefits in various scenarios

  • Customized reports to suit the organisation’s needs

Charts & Dashboards

Using the chart and dashboard features, senior management, PMO and other stakeholders can easily create visual charts and dashboards directly in Antura. The tool offers a wide array of chart types. Creating new charts is just as easy as adjusting already saved chart configurations.

  • Chart types such as pie, bar, stacked bars, line, area and bubble

  • Interactive charting capabilities for viewing and data selection

  • Create charts from scratch or based on a saved chart configuration

  • Save an unlimited number of chart configurations or dashboards

  • Easy to export as images or PDF

  • Share dashboards with other users