Akademikerne's A-kasse uses Antura Projects to support the implementation of the organization's project strategy 2020-2025

Akademikernes A-kasse is Denmark's largest unemployment fund. They use Antura Projects to support the implementation of the organization's project strategy 2020-2025

In the spring of 2020, Denmark's largest unemployment fund, Akademikernes A-kasse, started the implementation of a larger portfolio of strategic projects and sub-strategies. The management realized that there was a great need to establish project governance and a new project culture throughout the organization, to ensure that their projects create value for partners, members, and employees. As a result, a portfolio manager was hired and tasked with setting up a PMO function to ensure an elevated level of strategic project and portfolio governance, in collaboration with the HR and IT department. The organization had not previously worked in project models or with project tools of any kind. After a careful evaluation and assessment of several different suppliers of project management tools, they finally chose Antura Projects.

–We looked around for a user-friendly and comprehensive project management tool with great flexibility and good possibilities for financial follow-up. Antura turned out to offer just that and more, which means that we will also be able to grow with the tool and expand with more functionality as we become more accustomed and better at working in the project model, said Malin Marker Persson, Development and Digitization director at Akademikerne's A-kasse.

Antura Projects was implemented, configured and the employees were trained in working with the tool. This was done so they could quickly get started and to ensure that they received the right support that was requested in order to streamline the organization's project and portfolio management. Antura Projects has now enabled easy access to their project models and guides.

In autumn of 2021, they conducted project management training for project managers, development partners and steering group members in collaboration with the Technological Institute. In early 2022, Antura Projects was integrated with the organization's financial tool, Navision, to ensure quick access to financial data in Antura Projects. Reports from Antura Projects are now used to support their portfolio management, where management and managers easily get an overall view of ongoing projects and sub-strategies, based on project progress, consumption, risk analysis and status reporting from the project managers.

Implementing a new project culture and a new project management tool is always a journey of change and it´s time-consuming. A successful start does not mean that the process is over, therefore Akademikernes A-kasse and Antura will continue to work actively with the goal of further facilitating the project and portfolio management. The next goal is to further streamline the organization's capacity for project governance, and Antura Project will be a large part of this.

–We warmly welcome Akademikernes A-kasse as a new customer to Antura! We are happy that an important Danish organization like Akademikernes A-kasse has given Antura their trust and we look forward to supporting their important work with project and portfolio management, said Anders Haglund, Sales Manager Denmark at Antura.

Akademikernes A-kasse is Denmark's largest unemployment fund. Their main task is to help their members with financial security if they become unemployed. They also function as a crucial sparring partner when their members' life situations change, and they offer personalized advice so that their members are prepared for the ever-changing job market.