Antura strengthens the brand with a new visual identity

Antura has launched a completely new graphic profile for both the company and the product. The new profile is designed to provide a consistent look and feel for Antura's brand, product, core values, and vision.

The focus has been on refreshing Antura's visual expression for both the company and the product. As a foundation for the branding work, Antura has interviewed customers, partners, and employees. The new graphic profile is modern and streamlined, aiming to create a unified impression for Antura. Together with light base colors, the purple and pink brand colors create a softer expression that indicates progress. The logo has been updated with a new shape and color scheme to enhance visibility and recognition, while the new symbol reflects Antura's purpose-driven vision. Alongside the launch of the new graphic profile, Antura has also released a new website.
The Product
For several years, Antura has been working on modernizing the user interface to improve the user experience and achieve a more appealing design. Reference groups consisting of Antura's customers have been involved in the process to ensure that the tool meets their high expectations in the field. As part of the new user interface, Antura's new graphic profile has been implemented throughout the entire system.

The product name Antura Projects becomes Antura
With the launch of the new user interface, the previous product name "Antura Projects" is being replaced with "Antura." This means that both the company and the product will now share the same name, simplifying customer communication, as most customers have already been referring to the product as Antura.

The branding work and the development of Antura's new website have been carried out in collaboration with the branding and communication agency, Wonderbrand. The new graphic profile and Antura's new user interface have been showcased and launched at the annual customer event, Antura Day, on May 3rd at Nalen in Stockholm.

−We are very proud to introduce our new graphic profile. The new design represents our commitment to improving the customer experience and strengthening our brand identity. It will also strengthen Antura's position as one of the most reliable and innovative players in the industry, says   Mattias Andersson, CEO of Antura.


Antura's new graphic profile has been implemented throughout the system, and the previous product name Antura Projects is being changed to Antura.