Antura welcomes Region Skåne as a new customer

Region Skåne, one of Sweden's fastest growing regions and Skåne's largest employer with approximately 36,000 employees, has chosen Antura Projects as their new PPM tool for their entire organization.

The population growth in the region creates new and increased needs for improved community services such as healthcare and public transport. To meet increased demand, large investments are required for example to build new hospitals to offer more and better healthcare, better facilities, and new ways of working. This prompted Region Skåne to acquire a new PPM tool.

Region Skåne's goal to implement a PPM tool is a more digitized and efficient IT support to improve governance and management of the organization's projects and portfolios. They want to provide better conditions to manage and execute larger projects and programs. However, the PPM tool must also be able to support small and other types of projects within Region Skåne's organization. The number of ongoing projects that will be managed in Antura Projects is approximately 1,200, and Region Skåne estimates that over 1,500 users will work actively in the PPM tool.

Region Skåne has done extensive analyses to capture business needs and requirements across the organization. Most important were functionality for finance, budget, analysis, document management, scheduling, time reporting, integrated project models, resource management and risk management. They also require a high degree of user-friendliness and the ability to easily scale up as needed.

Incremental implementation
Region Skåne will now gradually implement Antura Projects across the organization. Initially, the tool will be used to manage projects, portfolios and resources within the Health and Medical Administration, for example construction of new healthcare facilities. But later, Antura Projects will also be used for a variety of other projects within Region Skåne's organization.

- We at Antura thank Region Skåne for their trust in us to deliver Antura Projects as their new PPM system. Today, 60% of Sweden's regions have chosen Antura, so they are in good hands. We are very much looking forward to being part of the continued development, says Mattias Andersson, CEO of Antura Group.

Region Skåne is the southernmost of Sweden's regions and is the tenth largest in terms of size. Region Skåne is responsible for healthcare and regional development. The healthcare area includes hospitals, primary care, dental care, rehabilitation and psychiatry. Regional development includes public transport, culture, business and the environment. Region Skåne's operating philosophy is to systematically and constantly improve operations based on the needs of the citizens/patients.