Antura welcomes housing association Victoriahem as a new customer!

Swedish housing association Victoriahem has chosen Antura Projects as their project, portfolio and resource management (PPM) Tool, for follow-up and management of all projects in their housing plan.

For a few months, Victoriahem evaluated various project and portfolio management tools and Antura was then a highly relevant alternative. They were looking for a tool that would give their project owners, project managers and controllers important support for managing both portfolios and projects across all regions, throughout their housing plan. In addition, there was a need for good integration opportunities with, for example, their existing finance, housing and BI systems. The choice was Antura Projects and, in the first implementation phase, the entire housing plan for all locations will soon be implemented in the tool.

Wide area of applications
Victoriahem is investing heavily into Antura Projects and wants to get started quickly. In addition to functions for overall project and portfolio management, they will also use powerful functions in the PPM Tool such as cost, effects, and status management. Preliminarily, resource management and time reporting will also be handled in the tool in the long run. They will also integrate Antura Projects with Visma, which is their ERP system, and in this way provide project managers, area managers and others an optimal way for cost and effect follow-up in the same place as their project management. Victoriahem's final goal of implementing Antura Projects in their business is to get efficient management of projects according to the project methodology, to create a better overview at portfolio level, and to improve and streamline resource, time and cost management.

−At Antura we are very proud and happy that we are selected to deliver Antura Projects as Victoriahem's new project and portfolio tool. This is further proof that Antura Projects is the right tool for the housing industry. We warmly welcome Victoriahem as a new customer, says Mattias Andersson, CEO Antura.

”We were recommended Antura Projects by several people in our industry, who had only good praise for the tool. Therefore, from the beginning we thought it was an interesting alternative for us, but we still did a comprehensive evaluation to ensure that it would fit our business needs, which we concluded that it really does”

Dan Mårtensson, Project and Maintenance Manager at Victoriahem.

Victoriahem owns and manages 39,000 homes in 31 municipalities - from Uppsala in the north to Trelleborg in the south of Sweden.