Antura wins major procurement for the Telge Group

Antura has won a major procurement contract to provide a portfolio and project management tool to Södertälje Municipality, Telge AB, Telge Bostäder, Telge Fastigheter, and Telge Nät. This deal marks a significant milestone in Antura's mission to support the Telge Group and its various companies in modernizing their project operations.

The Telge Group offers a comprehensive range of services and facilities, including housing, construction, electricity networks, facilities, ports, heating, water and sewage, city networks/communications, science centers, as well as employment and staffing services. Telge's goal in procuring a project management tool is to modernize and streamline project and portfolio management, prioritize projects, improve work processes, meet information requirements, and phase out outdated solutions. 

After an extensive procurement process, Antura was awarded the contract, as it was judged to offer the most advantageous solution based on the Telge Group's requirements and needs.

Specific features that were particularly requested by Telge and crucial in the procurement:

• Project planning and monitoring
• Project overview
• Portfolio management
• Time reporting
• Resource planning for internal and external resources
• Document management
• Activity and task management
• Reporting, including support for steering group reporting and other analytical functionalities
• Communication with project teams
• Support for work processes in project work, including the use of templates
• Financial monitoring of projects and investment budgets
• User management, authentication, and permissions

Phased Implementation
The tool's implementation is now taking place in phases. Antura is adapting the system for each company's specific needs.

This comprehensive implementation project is a significant achievement for the Telge Group, and it will enhance project and portfolio management and increase efficiency in their project organizations.

−We are confident that Telge has made an excellent choice, and we feel honored to be their long-term partner. We are committed to help them achieve their project management goals and improve the efficiency of their project organizations. And It's inspiring to see that the different companies have set high goals for a successful implementation of our tool. We are grateful for the trust, says Mattias Andersson, CEO of Antura.

The Telge Group is owned by Södertälje Municipality and is a community actor that operates for the benefit of Södertälje's residents. The group, with over 1,000 employees, consists of the parent company Telge and 12 subsidiary companies, all actively contributing to the city's positive and sustainable social development and well-being.