ApQ EL chooses Antura for efficient project management

ApQ EL, a prominent player in the electrical engineering industry, has chosen Antura as their project management tool. The goal is to establish a unified project portal and take advantage of Antura's advanced features for project, portfolio, and resource management, to enhance the organization's efficiency.

With the help of Antura's project management tool, ApQ EL will enhance transparency and efficiency in their project portfolio. By centrally managing ongoing projects at the portfolio level, the company's leadership will be able to make well-informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, and improve timelines.

Efficient Resource Management
The resource management feature in Antura will facilitate ApQ EL in allocating the right resources to various projects, ensuring that teams are optimally staffed. This will help minimize overload and enhance workflow.

Seamless Integration
The plan going forward is to integrate Antura with ApQ EL's existing IT systems. By integrating the project tool with MS SharePoint/Teams and the financial system, they will create a seamless working environment where data can be shared and utilized smoothly across different platforms. This will save time and promote collaboration within the organization.

Antura is grateful for the trust and welcomes ApQ EL as a new customer. We are excited to see how ApQ EL streamlines their project operations.



ApQ EL is a leading electrical engineering company offering a comprehensive portfolio of electrical technology solutions for both commercial and industrial clients. With over 20 years of experience, ApQ EL is known for its expertise, quality, and reliability. With an impressive portfolio of successful projects, the company has become a cornerstone in the industry.