Botkyrka municipality has chosen Antura Projects as their new PPM tool

Botkyrka municipality is the fifth largest municipality in the greater Stockholm area with a population of approx. 96,000. The central city is Tumba. In order to jointly lead and manage successful projects within the municipality, they have chosen to invest in Antura Projects as their new PPM tool.

After an extensive public tender process, Antura Projects was chosen. The projects in the municipality are of a very varied nature, so they needed a system that could be used for all types of projects that are common within the municipality.

The PPM tool will now be widely launched within the municipality and the functions that will initially be used are the following:

  • Planning and follow-up

  • Project overview

  • Portfolio management

  • Time reporting

  • Resource planning of internal and external resources

  • Document management

  • Activity and task management

  • Reporting, support for steering group reporting and other analysis functionality

  • Project group communication

  • Support for work process within projects including templates

  • Financial follow-up of projects and investment budget

  • User management

One PPM tool for the entire municipality
The goal for Botkyrka municipality is to have one PPM tool for better collaboration across all departments in the municipality. The level of complexity is high as the project model, document management, financial systems and decision-making processes differ between the various departments, and the projects are often interdependent. With the help of Antura Projects, they will now have transparency; all the information needed to plan, manage and control the projects is easily available in real time and accessible to all stakeholders.

- It's great to see that another municipality in the greater Stockholm area has chosen to invest in Antura Projects. It is further proof that Antura Projects is the right tool for municipal needs. It is also nice to see that Botkyrka municipality has exceedingly great ambitions to implement and quickly get started with the tool. We are grateful for their trust, said Mattias Andersson, CEO of Antura.

In addition to Botkyrka municipality, the majority of other municipalities within the greater Stockholm area have previously chosen Antura as their PPM tool, including Stockholm, Sollentuna, Nacka, Södertälje, Haninge, Huddinge, Norrtälje, Järfälla, Danderyd, Tyresö, Vallentuna, Vaxholm, Värmdö and Salem.

Botkyrka municipality has grown strongly since it was founded in the 1970s, with a population increase of 65 percent between 1975 and 2020. A majority of the working population works outside the municipality, but a large part of the daytime population is employed in the public sector. Well-known cultural and experience initiatives, expansive business life and one of Sweden's youngest and most international populations make Botkyrka an eventful municipality with great opportunities.