Granitor Systems gets the right support and control over their projects with Antura Projects

With Antura Projects, they now see clear efficiency effects.

Granitor Systems delivers resource efficient digital solutions for industrial facilities, which in turn drives the changes we all need to make to respond to climate change. Their customers usually work within the energy, infrastructure, and industry sectors, and what makes Granitor Systems unique is their project abilities combined with their deep knowledge of everything from mechanics to systems.

Granitor Systems implemented Antura Projects as their project and portfolio management tool because they wanted to move their project process out of their old management system, and to be able to work more efficiently with different project models adapted to different project types and industry requirements.

-With customized project processes in Antura Projects that work for different types of projects and different industry requirements, we can now give our project organizations the right support - where they need it and when they need it, says Mårten Sjöwall, PMO Manager at Granitor Systems.

Other important areas for Granitor Systems are efficient document management, being able to follow progress at different levels and gaining access to relevant KPI:s for follow-up and analysis. It is also important to have a high degree of user-friendliness so that project managers and project teams really use the system.

-We chose Antura mainly based on the process support, their experience and extensive customer base. We also did a benchmarking among colleagues in the industry, and then it became clear that Antura Projects was the tool that was most highly recommended, Mårten continues.

After having worked practically with the tool for a while, Granitor Systems noted several positive effects. Among other things, it has become easier for project managers and project teams to follow different project methods and to collaborate and share information with different stakeholders. It has also become easier to create and distribute reports.

-We are very satisfied with the tool. Functionalities that are most important to us are document management with the ability to create documents with project metadata and to work in a structured way through all project phases. We are gradually growing with the tool as we start new projects in it. Status reporting and risk management is something that we are currently implementing widely and expect to get a better portfolio overview when it is ready, Mårten concludes.

Today, Granitor Systems has about 300 users in Antura Projects and is gradually growing with the tool and together with Antura.

-Granitor Systems is a very exciting company that we are happy to work with and we are impressed with the positive effects that are now emerging in their business through implementing Antura Projects. We are confident that they have made a good choice and that they will have even more efficient working methods and structure in their projects as they grow with the tool and Antura, says Mattias Andersson, CEO of Antura.

Granitor Systems (formerly Midroc Automation), is Northern Europe's leading supplier of resource efficiency systems, delivering complete facilities for industry, energy, and infrastructure.